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    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Look Nine Years Younger By Doing Yoga

    The secret to looking younger is that it’s about small lifestyle changes, not complicated medical processes - eating better, adding exercise to your weekly routine and proper healthy supplementation.

    As an example, I came across this wonderful article in The Huffington Post about the anti-aging benefits of yoga. Research shows that doing just three 60-minute sessions of semi-vigorous yoga a week may help you look nine years younger. How you say? Well, it’s all in the DNA.

    Exercisers were found to have much longer telomeres, which protect the end of chromosomes from deterioration and are also considered aging markers. Sadie Nardini, a renowned yoga instructor, also points out some added key benefits of doing yoga – it helps detoxify the body, improves endocrine system function, and regulates your metabolism and immune system.

    It’s easy to come up with an excuse to not try it or maybe you’re just a skeptic, however there are plenty of reasons why you should – Sadie points out a few in her article.

    As busy as I am, I make sure to take some time out of my weekly schedule to do yoga. Not only is it a great stress reliever, but I also feel so much more energized and focused. If you plan on doing it for the first time, I highly recommend joining a class at your local gym as this is a great way to learn the basics – this is how I started.

    Looking and feeling your best also involves changing what you eat, making sure you’re getting the essential nutrients, and giving your body enough rest. In addition to my weekly yoga sessions, my meals consist mainly of fruits, vegetables, and some lean meats, a lot of water, and I make sure to take my Reserveage Organics Resveratrol, Multivitamin, and Omega 3 supplements daily.

    For those of you who would like to try Sadie’s yoga sessions, I have included one of her videos. You can also learn more about her on her website.