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    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    *our World's Finest Resveratrol 250 MG was just voted best new supplement of 2009 by Vitamin Retailer Magazine

    *ReserveAge Organics™ offers the only Resveratrol made with certified organic grapes, providing superior potency, purity and efficacy

    *Our products contain clinically supported doses of high-quality trans-Resveratrol

    *Our vineyard in France is minutes down the road from our exclusive extraction facility, which is a world leader in polyphenol extraction processes

    *We utilize a patent pending vine-to-capsule technology Our growing, harvesting and encapsulating methods ensure that the trans-Resveratrol remains bioactive, a claim that most of our competitors cannot make

    *Staying younger and feeling better shouldn’t cost a fortune - Despite higher organic production costs, our organic product is competitive with non-organic competitors

    *Our supplements were developed by Dr. Eric Lafforgue, a board-certified medical doctor in France, and are supported by a number of MD’s including our scientific advisor, Dr. James Christopher Perin

    *Reserveage Organics is actively involved with leading scientific institutions furthering research of Resveratrol and other longevity related research.

    *Our products can be purchased at a number of fine retail stores including Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World and Whole Foods.

    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    Resveratrol's begining

    One question that I get quite frequently is "just when did all of this interest in Resveratrol come about?" Well, the most recent surge in interest started with Dr. David Sinclair. Lets take a trip back in time and read one of the first press releases.

    Wine molecule slows aging process:

    Scientists drink to that

    By William J. Cromie
    Harvard News Office

    A molecule that is an active ingredient in red wine can slow the aging of human cells. It extends the life expectancy of every organism that, so far, has been fed on it, including yeast, worms, and fruit flies.

    Called resveratrol, the wonder substance seems to work in the same way as does drastic calorie cutting. Dramatic reduction of calories has been shown to increase the life span of mice, rats, and monkeys. Such diets are being tried in humans but results are not yet in. Severe dieting also cuts the risk of dying from cancer, heart problems, and other age-related diseases in monkeys.

    If resveratrol and related molecules are found to work as well in humans, we could gain extra years of healthy life without starving for them. We could have our cake and eat it, too.

    To read the rest check out