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    Tuesday, December 29, 2009

    Last chance for the december sale!

    Don't miss out on your last for 15% off all Reserveage Organics products.

    Until the end of 2009 all Reserveage Organics products at are 15% off. Just use the coupon code december when purchasing your Resveratrol supplements to get your discount!

    Have a great new year from us at Reserveage Organics!

    Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    Why Reserveage Organics?

    Why are so many medical professionals and research institutions choosing Reserveage Organics Resveratrol?

    Exceeds International Pharmaceutical Standards: To ensure ongoing quality and to protect our consumers, Reserveage adheres to and exceeds the stringent pharmaceutical Current Good Manufacturing Practices Standard (CGMPs) for all of its products.

    Exceptional Freshness Levels: Freshness, which ensures product integrity and biological efficacy, may be the single most important quality of Resveratrol. Reserveage’s unique manufacturing process safeguards the highly volatile Resveratrol, from damage caused by exposure to light and oxygen.

    Exceptional Purity Levels: Reserveage’s raw material is harvested from the original and organic source of red grapes, and is tested by independent laboratories. Purity is a significant concern among Resveratrol consumers. We strive to manufacture products made with only the purest, natural and organic materials available.

    Exclusive and Exceptional Raw Material: Reserveage starts with the best organic raw materials from our own French vineyard and exclusive rights on naturally organic Japanese knotweed.

    Manufacturing Process: Reserveage’s manufacturing processes, accompanied by leading edge processing technologies, delivers resveratrol with exceptional freshness and purity levels. Reserveage manufacturing processing steps use neither chemicals or excessive heat while processing the organic grapes.

    Backed by Extensive Research: Reserveage is a research-driven company. Both our processing technology and product formulations are driven by the latest developments. At the time of writing more studies are being conducted.

    Environmental Responsibility: Using organically grown and naturally harvested raw materials, Reserveage manufactures resveratrol with integrity and respect for the environment and our consumers. Our Environmental Commitment is to honor our most precious resource through environmentally friendly practices.

    Friday, December 11, 2009

    Our Organic Porpose

    Reserveage Organics knows that organically grown foods are healthier than their non-organic counterparts. Eating/taking organically grown foods and supplements saves our bodies from having to expend vital energy to digest and process the harmful chemical additives commonly found in non-organic ingredients. Moreover, not all of these harmful additives are eliminated from our body—some stay in our vital organs, sapping us further of our essential energy.

    If you could examine the origins of the foods you consume on a daily basis, you would be shocked to discover that they may contain as many as 150+ chemical factors, which are ingested with every single bite. Needless to say, these foods have a toxic effect on your well-being and vitality. Instead of gaining energy and benefits from your food, your body may be saturated with unwanted and harmful chemicals. On the other hand, when you consume organically grown foods and supplements, your body is immediately nourished, leaving you feeling vibrant and energized. What you put into your body is reflected in your appearance, so you'll not only feel better but you'll look better too.

    Reserveage Organics honors the body we live in by using certified organic/biodynamic ingredients whenever possible. Chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and herbicides all have harmful long-term effects on the crops, as well as on the environment. Long after the plant has finished its growth cycle, the land on which it grew continues to be profoundly affected.

    Long-lived plants, grapevines sink their strong roots deep into the soil, seeking nourishment with which to nurture their young grapes. After years and sometimes decades of chemically induced growth, the health of both the land and the vine suffer until the vine finally dies and the land can no longer produce. Many vintners noticed this alarming state of affairs and turned their attention to the ancient organic growing methods which had been successfully used for centuries, without harmful effects on either plant or land.

    Wednesday, December 9, 2009

    December Sales Event!

    Reserveage Organics is excited to announce its blow-out end of year sale! During the month of December all online purchases at using the coupon sales code "december" will receive 15% off!

    That's 15% off our popular World's best Resveratrol 250 MG.

    Want better skin for the new year? What great time to try our unique Collagen Booster with Hyaluronic Acid and Resveratrol and rediscover your youthful radiance.

    Just log onto pick the products you would like to purchase and enter the sales code december when asked to do so.

    Have a great holiday from all of us at Reserveage Organics!

    Thursday, December 3, 2009

    Reserveage Organics ingrediant discussion

    Today I thought I would share some information on some of the ingrediants you would find in Reserveage Organics and our various competitors products.

    Trans-Resveratrol: Trans-Resveratrol is the active form of Resveratrol that activates the SIRT1 Longevity gene. Most of the believed longevity benefits lie in the Trans-Resveratrol, so make sure your Resveratrol supplement contains it. An interesting fact about it is that if it is not extracted and encapsulated properly, the trans-Resveratrol becomes inactive.

    Polyphenols: Polyphenols are known antioxidants and are believed to have many other health benefits. While they are nice to include for the added health bonus, they are not a necessary ingredient in Resveratrol supplements.

    Grapes: Most grapes contain some amount of Resveratrol, though Muscadine grapes are known to have some of the highest amounts. Organic grapes are also known to produce higher amounts of pure Resveratrol, though few companies use them. Grapes are a great source of polyphenols as well.

    Japanese Knotweed: The scientific name for it is Polygonum cuspidatum and it is a large leafy plant native to Asia, not just Japan despite its name. IMPORTANT: Japanese knotweed in its natural form contains emodium, a laxative. Make sure that the Resveratrol company you use removes the emodium from the supplement. Emodin dosages under 20 MG should not cause problems.

    Quercetin: Quercetin is a polyphenol that is believed to have some anti-cancer and other health properties. Some companies use it in their Resveratrol products because it is believed by many to aid Resveratrol absorption into the blood stream.

    Collagen: Some companies, like Reserveage Organics, offer collagen with some of their Resveratrol products. Collagen can improve the fabric of the skin and when combined with Resveratrol is believed to be capable of fighting wrinkles, sagging skin and give the user a more youthful glow.

    Monday, November 30, 2009

    Cyber Monday at Reserveage!

    ReserveAge Organics isn't being left out of the Cyber Monday shopping extravaganza!

    For a limited time, all ReserveAge Products are 25% off! This Cyber Monday deal is only available until November 30th at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard so act fast!

    Either purchase the products online at using the coupon code:
    cyber monday

    or email Michael at any emails received before the cut off deadline will be honored even if they are processed after the cut off date, include contact information.

    Hurry up while this great deal lasts!

    Monday, November 23, 2009

    Monday Links

    As always we at ReserveAge Organics try to keep on top of the latest health tips that can improve life span and life quality.

    As some of you may know, a number of anti-age researchers have been focused on so called "Blue Zones" which are area's around the globe where people seem to live much longer than those around them.

    Here are a few tips from those living in these zones.

    Next studies on twins finds common indicators for those who live longer. Read it here.

    A few warnings now. Beware popcorn, alcohol and juice.

    As many of you may have read, the unhealthyness of movie popcorn is really quite astounding.

    Think all juices are good for you? Think again. Read the ingredients carefully. This is a Video link.

    A few tips on drinking alcohol in a healthy manner, without gaining as much weight.

    Have a great week everyone

    Thursday, November 19, 2009

    Customer reviews

    At ReserveAge Organics we love hearing what our customers have to say. If you've had a good experience using one of our products then we'd love to hear about it! Feel free to leave a comment or email your message to me at

    These are a few of my favorite comments

    Wow! I love ReserveAge Resveratrol supplements. It only took a few days before I started to feel the difference. I had more energy and my friends showered me with compliments about my new youthful glow. And you’re organic too! I am very health conscious and try to live as organically as possible. Thanks to your Super Blend Resveratrol, there’s an easy way for me to stay young, healthy, and natural. I’m going to try your Collagen Booster next!

    Beatrice A., Idaho

    At last, a Collagen Booster that really works. I am in my late fifties, and my skin is really showing it. I was considering going ‘under the knife’ when I saw your supplements. What a miracle! After just two weeks, my skin is tighter, more radiant and, once again, youthfully full!

    Lara C., Florida

    Your Antioxidant Blend is everything it promises and more. The CEO of my own corporation, I can’t afford to get run down or sick. I take your Antioxidant Blend everyday to keep my energy up and my immune system in optimal health. Your formula has everything, from green tea antioxidants to resveratrol. And you make the only organic antioxidant supplement I’ve found—keep up the good work and I’ll be a loyal customer for life.

    James S., Massachusetts

    I love all your organic supplements. Your Resveratrol and the Collagen Booster help me look like I feel inside—young and vibrant in spite of my 40 years. I’ve been telling everyone, now there’s a way to be your healthiest and most beautiful—naturally!

    Shari G., New York City

    Finally, a collagen product good for men too. I am a competitive ballroom dancer, and my skin takes a beating with all the heavy makeup, lights and late nights. I want to look my best both on and off the dance floor. My partner mentioned your product, and I was immediately hooked. Now I’m confident that my skin is as smooth as my moves!

    David L., Georgia

    I was in Boston in the beginning of July 2009 and by curiosity bought a bottle of 250 mg Resveratrol. As a diabetic (type 2) I’ve experienced amazing results. My measures have been problematic for years with very high values. After taking your product the measures have become stable on a low level. And I also have been able to reduce my insulin.

    Lars, Norway

    Thank you so much. I wish everyone had customer service like yours; the world would be a happier place. I sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness in this matter. You got yourself a customer for life.

    Izabela, Texas

    Tuesday, November 17, 2009

    Scientific Advisory Board

    Today I wanted to introduce you to our Scientific advisory board. These are the men and women that we go to for advice and research on new products and who we turn to when our customers ask us questions that we can't answer.

    Dr. James C. Perin, M.D.

    Dr. James C. Perin obtained his doctorate from the School of Medicine at Indiana University. After being approached by ReserveAge Organics™ to conduct in-depth product research, Dr. Perin assisted in the formulation of the Resveratrol-based product line and helped establish the protocol for research, development and manufacturing at ReserveAge. Through his research, Dr. Perin has published findings both nationally and internationally, resulting in two global medical patents with several others pending. Dr. Perin also serves as CEO for BlueWave Industries, Inc., a biotechnical company based in Florida. His medical interests include soft-tissue chondroma, the importance of temperature control, its effects on foods and supplements and the consequential effects on the human body.

    Dr. Clare Wilmot, M.B., Ch.B., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S

    A board-certified surgeon both nationally and internationally, Dr. Clare Wilmot serves as a medical advisor for ReserveAge Organics™ and has served the public for more than three decades. In addition to a full medical and surgical practice, Dr. Wilmot has held, and continues to hold, a number of prestigious positions, currently serving as Chair of Infection Control at the Littleton Regional Hospital in New Hampshire. A life-long proponent of organic foods and alternative lifestyles as a pathway towards optimum health, Dr. Wilmot searches for healthy alternatives to surgery whenever possible. As the result of her research, Dr. Wilmot concluded that Resveratrol’s full potency and potential could only be found in organically grown grapes.

    Sebastian Balcombe, B.S.E

    Sebastian Balcombe currently serves as a Product Formulator Consultant for ReserveAge Organics™. A graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in exercise physiology, Sebastian has collaborated with leading experts in the development of cutting-edge nutritional supplements for the past decade. Sebastian came from a long line of accomplished scientists, and, as a young man, spent much of his free time researching the newest scientific nutritional discoveries. He is a firm believer that a healthy lifestyle and proper daily nutritional supplements are essential to achieving optimal health.

    Friday, November 13, 2009

    Friday Health Links

    Happy Friday from us at ReserveAge Organics.

    There have been some really interesting news stories during the past few weeks that I wanted to share with you.

    In recognition of Alzheimer's month lets start with some of the smaller discoveries that will help the Average person.

    Here is a great list of basic life changes that can delay the onset and intensity of Alzheimer's Disease.

    In addition, a lot of information coming out on exercise and muscle mass may be indicators of slowing Alzheimer's. Again this points to how important a healthy lifestyle is.

    Telomere research is some of the most exciting longevity research out there right now. As our DNA divides to form new cells, the ends of it fray, much like a shoe lace does without that hard plastic tip. However, something called Telomere's can form caps, much like the plastic part of a shoe lace, letting the DNA last forever.

    This has two interesting aspects. The first is that many types of cancer cells grow because of this, they use telomeres to allow themselves to keep growing and dividing. On the other hand,if our dna never degrades, it could lead to new roads in the anti-aging fields.

    Antioxidants can help fight off the flu and other ailments.

    Pomegranates might help men fight prostate cancer according to recent research. And you know I can't help but point out that our Ultimate Antioxidant and Vibrance Liquid Multivitamin contain pomegranate.

    In other prostate cancer fighting news, studies have shown that lowering cholesterol can help as well.

    Curcumin, found in some spices, is already being used for numerous health reasons. Recent research has suggested it may help fight cancer.

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    It's been pretty busy

    Wow, some of you may have noticed that ReserveAge went a little quiet (aka I stopped posting) for a few days.

    It's been a great, but hectic few weeks here. Sales are jumpings, our new Vibrance Liquid Multivitamin product is selling great and seems to be a huge hit.

    We have also set up Online Messenger accounts to help handle some of our incoming question volume.

    If you have any questions about Resveratrol, you can now message us at ReserveAge on Aim, Yahoo IM, MSN, Windows live, etc. Just send a message during normal business hours and one of our representatives will be happy to help you.

    Everyone have a great week!

    Monday, November 2, 2009

    Active Ubiquinol CoQ10

    ReserveAge Organics has recently launched a new product Active Ubiquinol CoQ10 with Resveratrol.

    Ubiquinol, the active form of CoQ10, is a vital component in the creation of cellular energy. It plays a direct role in creating an estimated 95% of the body’s energy in the form of ATP. Organs that have high energy requirements, like the heart and liver, require the largest amounts of Ubiquinol to operate properly.

    CoQ10 is created by our bodies and then converted into Ubiquinol;, however, this production and conversion begins to wane after the age of 40. As the level of Coq10 in our body diminishes, our cells, and the organs and systems they make up, are forced to function with less energy than they require. This leads to increased wear and tear on the cells, organs and systems, which can increase s and even cause s some of the problems associated with aging.

    A growing body of studies has suggested that Ubiquinol may improve cardiovascular health, intensity of migraines, some cancers, blood pressure and low energy levels.

    Active Ubiquinol CoQ10 with Resveratrol contains Kaneka QH Ubiquinol. Kaneka QH is pre-converted Ubiquinol, since those over 40 can have difficulty converting the CoQ10, and micronized for the best possible absorption.

    Friday, October 30, 2009

    Resveratrol and Beauty

    Resveratrol and Beauty

    It’s not a secret that beauty is a giant business. It’s full of creams, powders, brushes and all sorts of inventions made to cover up our skin.

    Just like the rest of our body, time plays havoc on our skin. Years of abuse from the sun and environmental toxins when combined with the normal damaging effects of aging can cause wrinkles, sagging and other beauty blemishes.

    I keep going back to the SIRT1 “Longevity Gene” because it does amazing things. It doesn’t target an organ or a system, it targets the cells. It reinforces them, strengthens them and repairs them. Well, this is true of the skin as well.

    Resveratrol strengthens the cells that make up our skin. It has the potential to reduce wrinkles and other effects of sagging on the skin by giving the cells within the skin the strength to maintain the firmness we have with youth.

    One particular product I recommend is ReserveAge Organics Collagen Booster. It combines the strengthening effects of Resveratrol with the collagen boosting powers of BioCell Collagen II. This product is one of the best skin supplements on the market because it improves the skin on two levels. BioCell Collagen II replaces collagen in the skin, which is lost with age, literally replenishing the very fabric of our skin. Resveratrol improves the strength and vitality of the skin. Put together they make a powerful package.

    BTW don't forget its the last week of our 20% off sale! Go to ReserveAge Organics website, buy 2 products, use the promotional code october and save!

    Wednesday, October 28, 2009

    Link Dump Wednesday

    ReserveAge Organics hopes everyone is having a great Wednesday!

    First off don't forget about our October online sale!

    Just head over to ReserveAge Organics website, buy two or more products, enter the sales code october and get 20% off the entire order.

    One thing we have learned about longevity is that no one dies from old age. People die from specific causes, which are sometimes related to old age. This means that most any scientific discovery that improves bodily health, is in fact longevity news. So we bring you some of the more interest Studies and Articles on longevity and health:

    A gene in Mole Rats keeps them from getting cancer, even when the mole rats are specifically given cancer.

    Cocoa might make us yummy snacks, but it may be secretly protecting our hearts!

    Research has discovered that an anti-body actually helps repair internal damage to slow/stop internal bleeding.

    Some supplements that can improve eye sight.

    Stay healthy everyone!

    Monday, October 26, 2009

    Resveratrol's impact on weight loss

    One of the biggest questions I get from ReserveAge Organics customers is “Will Resveratrol help me lose weight?” Well, yes, sort of, but it’s complicated.

    One of the things we come across is people who are desperate to lose weight without wanting to change their lifestyle. Most have tried popular diets without luck. These usually don’t work, because the problem is that losing weight isn’t easy. However, I do give them a tip on how to make it easier. I recommend that the best diet is a combination of better eating, exercise and using Resveratrol.

    Proper diet and exercise are essential. Our diet literally creates the body we live in. If your diet is full of fats, artificial chemicals and other unhealthy products, then that is what your body will be made of. However, if your diet is full of nutrients and healthy ingredients, then your body will be much better off.

    We know that Resveratrol increases energy levels and endurance, Dr. Sinclair’s mice tests showed mice on Resveratrol could run twice as far. In addition, the cell improving powers of the SIRT1 “Longevity Gene” increases the efficiency of our cells throughout the body. It should translate into a small increase in metabolism.

    Most of us don’t like working out, especially if we are out of shape. It’s also pretty common to see out-of-shape individuals not putting as much effort as they need too into the work out. Resveratrol helps with this by improving your energy and endurance. Imagine that instead of just working out for 30 minutes and burning 200 calories, you were able to work out slightly harder for even just 35 minutes and burn 300 calories instead. That might not seem like much, but then take that across a whole week or month of working out. Resveratrol may give you the energy to have large results.

    The small increase to metabolism won’t give you any incredible results, but it will help burn a few extra calories. Every little bit helps.

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    Wednesday Link Dump

    Well guys its time for a Wednesday ReserveAge Organics link dump.

    We wanted to share with you some of the more interesting stories that we have come across this week that relate to anti-aging topics.

    Uk writers talking about living to 100 with the body of a 50-year-old.

    Using the internet may help keep older-minds sharp.

    Mouse study finds CoQ10 may protect against obesity.

    Cool story about a community pulling together to get healthier.

    Finally, don’t forget about our sale. 20% off when buying two or more items on our website. Just enter the code October when you get to your shopping cart. Take a look at it here.

    Monday, October 19, 2009

    October Online Sale

    Have you been wanting to try ReserveAge Organics's Resveratrol but been bothered by the price?

    Well now is the perfect time to try it during our October Sale. If you purchase two or more products on our website When you get to your cart jsut type in the code october and get 20% off the entire purchase!

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    Resveratrol and Type II Diabietes

    Today ReserveAge Organics presents some of the information it has gathered on Resveratrol’s impact on Type 2 Diabetes.

    Diabetes Type 2 is one of the fastest growing, and most preventable, diseases in America . Diabetes is a disease wherein cells in the body stop taking in glucose. Glucose is brought into cells by a hormone called insulin and is then used as fuel for the cells. There are two types of diabetes.

    In Type 1, the cells that produce insulin stop working or die. Without insulin, glucose is unable to get into cells. This is often referred to as juvenile diabetes because it is most likely to occur during childhood. In Type 2, cells become resistant to insulin and allow less or none of it in. If the insulin can’t get in, then no glucose gets in and the cells starve.

    In 2007 alone, the American Diabetes Association estimated that 8% of the population had Type 2 Diabetes and another 20% of the entire population was at risk of developing it . The major cause of Type 2 Diabetes is a poor lifestyle. Improper diets high in calories and fat, combined with a lack of exercise, over-tax our systems by flooding our blood with glucose. Eventually, our cells develop a resistance to insulin.

    Type 2 Diabetes can be avoided or dealt with in early stages by reversing lifestyle trends that lead to it. Eating healthier foods and exercising, even a little each day, can have impressive results.

    In more severe cases, insulin-like medications are used in addition to lifestyle changes. These medications amplify the effects of insulin, bringing glucose into the cells. Unfortunately, these medications can be very dangerous —too little glucose is just as dangerous as too much and the medications can have unpleasant side effects.

    Earlier, we spoke of Dr. David Sinclair, the scientist at Harvard who studied Resveratrol in mice. One of his amazing discoveries was that mice who were being overfed a high fat diet and supplemented with Trans-Resveratrol experienced the same rate of diabetes as non-obese mice in the control group . This led Dr. Sinclair to begin a company based on treating diabetes using Trans-Resveratrol which was eventually bought by one of the largest drug manufacturers in the world, GlaxoSmithKline.

    Research to uncover the exact mechanisms of action in Trans-Resveratrol is still being conducted. For now, it appears that Trans-Resveratrol, in large doses, decreases insulin resistance in cells and may even stop cells from becoming insulin resistant in the first place . Additionally, unlike many common diabetes medications which are riddled with side effects, Trans-Resveratrol doesn’t have any known side effects,

    The human trials so far have been going very well, yet they are still years from being completed. So while positive, it’s important to be cautiously optimistic until we see the final results. Unfortunately, many other drugs reach the same point as these trials only to fail before the research is completed.

    However, until then, we can watch these studies with a confident, hopeful outlook. The discovery of a safe treatment for perhaps the most pervasive disease in the world is a very exciting prospect indeed.


    “National diabetes fact sheet,” National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and health Promotion,

    R. Rubin. Diabeteics face risk on drug choices. USA Today, June 4, 2007.

    Kevin J. Pearson, david A. Sinclair, and Rafael de Cabo. Resveratrol delays age-related deterioration and mimics transcriptional aspects of dietary restriction without existing lifespan. Cell Metabolism 8 (2) (August 2008):157-168

    Elliott PJ, Jirousek, M. Sirtuins: Novel targets for metabolic disease. Curr Opin Investig Drugs. 2008 Apr;9(4):371-8.

    Monday, October 12, 2009

    New Liquid Multivitamin with Resveratrol

    ReserveAge Organics has announced the release of two new liquid Resveratrol supplements to complement its organic grape Resveratrol-based line.

    The products, Resveratrol Tonic and Vibrance Liquid Multivitamin, will be released in October as the first liquid supplements ReserveAge Organics has manufactured.

    “The tonic and multivitamin represent a very important step for our brand,” said Naomi Whittel, ReserveAge founder and CEO. “Both of these products offer an abundance of health benefits and serve as effective, tasty alternatives to Resveratrol and vitamin capsules.”

    The Resveratrol Tonic provides Resveratrol in a liquid form for optimal absorption. To defend against stress, sun damage and toxins, the tonic is infused with superfruits including acai, mangosteen, pomegranate and blueberry.

    Designed to support an active lifestyle, the Vibrance Liquid Multivitamin consists of a blend of vitamins, minerals, Resveratrol and high-ORAC superfoods. To encourage agelessness, Vibrance enhances immune function and promotes lasting energy.

    ReserveAge Organics was founded with the goal of providing only the finest, purest Resveratrol to consumers while promoting the sustainability of nature. ReserveAge supplements are created through a proprietary process that preserves the essential phytonutrients found in grape skins. By maintaining these strict standards, ReserveAge boosts the bioavailability of Resveratrol resulting in products unsurpassed in purity, potency and freshness. At ReserveAge, we are committed to the extension of youth – naturally.

    For more information about the complete line of Resveratrol-based nutritional supplements, call 800.553.1896 or visit

    Friday, October 9, 2009

    Resveratrol and Mental Health

    Another installment of ReserveAge Organics series on Resveratrol and its potential benefits. Today we will discuss mental health and brain aging.

    One of the assumed facts of life is that as we grow older, our minds go. Typical issues can include trouble with memory, slower problem solving and mental tasks becoming increasingly difficult. While unpleasant, this is perfectly normal. Like every other part of our bodies, the cells and tissues of our brain become less effective in our old age. Cells are not repaired or replaced as they were when we were younger and with time it makes our brains function at a less than optimal level.

    At the same time a more insidious threat lies in front of some of us, Alzheimer’s. The exact cause of Alzheimer’s is unclear, all we can see is the effects it has on the brain. Alzheimer’s causes plaques to form on the tissues in the brain. These plaques interfere with nerves making them work inefficiently and potentially destroying them outright. As more nerves die; thinking, emotions and personality start to be impaired.

    Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease that robs its victims of their intellect, personality and eventually their lives. In what may be even worse, Alzheimer’s is known for having a terrible psychological impact on the loved ones who care for its victims.

    Alzheimer’s typically does not affect those under the age of 65 and can take years and even decades to kill its victims. The early stages of the disorder are characterized by memory issues which can be easily mistaken for normal age-related mental impairment. The next stages involve dramatic decreases in mental abilities, at which point most people become aware that something is wrong. This can take the form of accelerated memory loss, uncontrolled emotions and erratic behavior. In the final stages the brain shuts down completely from the damage. Most people are not killed by Alzheimer’s but die from other illnesses due to their weakened bodies.

    Our memories and minds are not necessarily lost to us. Early research, including human tests, has suggested that Resveratrol may prevent loss of cognitive abilities. To be clear, none of these studies have found that it increases intellect, only that it may delay or stop loss of intellect and memory from aging and some other causes.

    In testing of mice, two effects have been noted. In testing of older mice on a diet consisting of Resveratrol, the mice were found to perform better at memory tasks. The brains of the mice were reviewed postmortem and it was found that the mice with a Resveratrol diet had more brain tissue than mice not on a Resveratrol diet. The mice not on a Resveratrol diet showed more age-related damage as well. A special mouse strain that has the characteristics of Alzheimer’s was tested on a Resveratrol diet and found to have a significant decrease in the number of plaques in their brains and showed improved memory function over the mice not on a Resveratrol diet.

    Human studies have also been promising. In one study people were given tests and then sent home with either Resveratrol or a placebo. They came back later and were asked to take a similar test, those who had been using Resveratrol performed better than those not using it.

    I feel that the most significant outcome of the studies of Resveratrol and Alzheimer’s are demonstrating the ability of Resveratrol to have some preventive benefits for those taking the supplement. I think there is some evidence that suggests Resveratrol may help those inflicted with Alzheimer’s fight the disease once it has started or at least reduce the symptoms of the disease by slowing the formation of plaques in the brain. With further research this means that some day despite a patient having the disease, the patient could live a much longer, healthier and mentally aware life as the effects of the disease are slowed or even stopped.

    I want to note again that most of these effects suggest that Resveratrol’s benefits in the mind are largely preventative. While triggering the SIRT1 “Longevity Gene” may boost the cells energy, improve nerve function, I feel the most dramatic results are going to be seen in people who have taken Resveratrol for an extended period of time and it well be found that these individuals have had little loss of their cognitive abilities as they reach old age. Despite its other health benefits, this is one of the main reasons that I advocate starting Resveratrol early, to prevent age-related damage to the mind and body.

    Wednesday, October 7, 2009

    Most Reserved Age Contest - Phoenix, AZ

    Hi-Health to Open its Doors For Most Reserved Age Event and Contest on October 24

    Phoenix, Az. - Do you feel younger for your years? Do people tell you that you don’t look your real age? Well now is your chance to show it off at the ReserveAge Organics Most Reserved Age event and contest at Hi-Health, 4881 N. 20th St. (Town & Country location) on Saturday, October 24 from 11am to 4pm.

    Sponsored by ReserveAge Organics and Hi-Health, the event and contest aim to educate, entertain and inform event attendees about anti-aging and introduce innovative products that are available to defend against the aging process. Both are free and open to the public.

    Event and contest festivities include food, music, guest speakers, giveaways, free physical fitness evaluations, mental acuity challenges and a photo session with special dermatological cameras that detect skin damage not noticeable to the naked eye. Arizona celebrities and health experts will judge the Most Reserved Age contest.

    “Phoenix was the obvious choice,” ReserveAge Organics CEO Naomi Whittel said. “After all, where better to hold an anti-aging contest than a city named after a mythological bird that lives forever. We are looking to find the next face of anti-aging and think that Phoenix is where we should start.”

    Registered contestants will be judged on specific age-related criteria including skin elasticity, body maintenance, diet, aptitude and attitude. The contestants with the lowest biological age relative to their effective real age will win $2,500, an opportunity to appear in ReserveAge Organics nationwide advertisements for one year and much more! Two runners-up will receive ReserveAge Organics products, a one-year fitness center pass and assorted gift certificates and prizes redeemable at many of the local businesses in Phoenix, Arizona.

    To enter, you must be 18 or older and an Arizona resident. Log on to the ReserveAge Organics Web site,, or Hi-Health,, for contest details and a complete list of rules and eligibility requirements.

    About ReserveAge Organics

    ReserveAge Organics is dedicated to bringing only the finest, freshest and most pure Resveratrol supplements to its customers. Resveratrol, an active polyphenol found in grapes, has been scientifically proven to be the element in red wine that increases cellular productivity and longevity, leading to a longer, healthier life. To ensure exceptional quality, ReserveAge Organics uses only the best Resveratrol. Today, ReserveAge Organics offers the only Resveratrol supplements derived from organic ingredients.

    About Hi-Health

    Hi-Health has offered customers the highest quality health foods and nutritional supplements since 1972. Experienced and trained staff members are dedicated to providing customers with the most up-to-date product information and assistance. Hi-Health’s research and merchandising staff constantly strive to ensure that the health and nutrition information provided by the store is based on respected scientific studies, ensuring only the finest products are selected to be sold at the store.

    Monday, October 5, 2009

    Monday Newsday

    I found a few interesting stories on a couple of different subjects that I thought I would share.

    First of all the Nobel prize in medicine has gone to a group of people researching Telomeres and Telemase. It's exciting research that discusses how aging can occur on a cellular level, specifically when dna splits as cells divide.

    Next the new wave of ECO dentistry. Now you can sit in the chair knowing that natural made products are causing you all the pain! I kid, I'm a big fan of dental health and good flossing.

    Finally for today, an interesting article suggesting that babies being born now will live to be 100 or older. This is based on life-span trends. That's pretty neat.

    Have a great monday from us at ReserveAge Organics

    Friday, October 2, 2009

    Natural News

    I just wanted to let you guys know about a great article at on Resveratrol.

    Here's an excert

    (NaturalNews) If you're looking to prevent heart disease, you need to know about resveratrol. More compelling research on resveratrol is appearing around the world as word spreads about its natural healing potential. Here, we present a collection of powerful quotes about resveratrol and heart disease, documented in some of the best health books ever written. Read and remember these quotes, and feel free to share what you learn here with others who may also need this information.

    Hu zhang {Polygonum cuspidatum) is a Chinese herb (actually a weed) that is the world's richest source of resveratrol, the phytochemical also found in red wine that has generated a huge buzz for its disease-preventive actions in the body. A large body of research supports the role of resveratrol in resisting cancer, inflammation and heart disease. Resveratrol has been found to suppress the activation of inflammatory cytokines and COX-2, and shows special promise in preventing and slowing the progression of breast cancer. Resveratrol is also a potent antioxidant.
    - Your Prostate, Your Libido, Your Life by James Occhiogrosso, N. D.

    White wine also contains resveratrol, but the seeds and skins are removed early in the white wine-making process, reducing the amount of resveratrol in the final product. Antioxidants like resveratrol are beneficial in preventing harmful elements in the body from attacking healthy cells. The antioxidant properties of resveratrol also offer certain health benefits in the prevention of heart disease and the reduction of lung tissue inflammation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
    - The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth About What You Should Eat and Why by Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S.

    To read the full thing click here.

    Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    Resveratrol and Cancer

    Cancer is a very scary and a very touchy subject. I want to be very clear before I start off this discussion. As far as we at ReserveAge Organics know, there is no definite proof that Resveratrol fights cancer, however a number of studies have been producing exciting results. Resveratrol may fight cancer, we hope it does, but more studies MUST be done before people begin turning to this as a wonder drug.

    One disease that I think many Americans fear the most is cancer. From a medical point of view there are a number of types of cancer, many of which are quite different from the others. However, we can define cancer as a loose term for a disease process in which a mutation within a cell makes it perform abnormally in destructive ways. These mutations typically take the form of uncontrolled growth (tumors) or the invasion and destruction of nearby tissue.

    Now we do have some natural defenses against cancers. In fact our bodies help us fight them in two major ways. The first is that cells have an internal kill switch. This process is called apoptosis and in it, a cell recognizes that there is something wrong with it and kills itself. The second way we fight cancer is our white blood cells which seek out malfunctioning cells and destroy them.

    Unfortunately though, our bodies can only do so much and sometimes it is not enough. At that point we must turn to our doctors. In this situation most cancers are typically treated in some combination of these three more common methods; surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

    With surgery, the surgeons attempt to remove all of the cancerous tissue from the body. In radiation therapy, radiation is used on the cancerous tissue in an attempt to destroy the cancerous cells. This method actually damages normal cells in the area as well, but healthy non-cancerous cells are much better at recovering typically. The final method, chemotherapy, involves anticancer drugs that target and destroy cancerous cells. All of these methods are potentially life saving, but have the side effect of causing damage and trauma to the body.

    Studies using Resveratrol have shown some exciting results for the treatment and prevention of certain cancers. I want to be very careful here though, the results of these studies are exciting and still in the early phases of testing.

    As we discussed earlier, Resveratrol is rich in anti-oxidants, which are known to help prevent many cancers by limiting free radical damage. In addition, the same SIRT1 “Longevity Gene” that helps with anti-aging, may also stimulate cells to repair their own damage, such as damage that might lead to cancerous mutation.

    Scientific research is also starting to discover that Resveratrol may aid the body in destroying cancer cells. The research is finding that Resveratrol may increase apoptosis (self-destruction) in cancerous cells. In these studies it was found that when exposed to certain dosages of Resveratrol, especially when combined with chemotherapy treatments, some cancer cells show increased apoptosis.

    The results from these studies have excited researchers and led them to study Resveratrol in many of the common cancers including breast, prostate, colon, lymphoma and brain. I want to be clear here once more. While we know that Resveratrol will aid the body in preventing many cancers and I personally am extremely excited by the positive results that the scientific studies have found, this science is still in its early stages.

    Monday, September 28, 2009

    Resveratrol and Inflammation

    At ReserveAge Organics we try to stay informed of the current medical issues involved in Resveratrol. Today we are going to discuss Resveratrol's effect as an anti-inflamatory.

    Inflammation, it sounds like something bad, but in reality it keeps us healthy. Inflammation is one of the fascinating ways that our body responds to harmful stimuli. Normally, when an invader or an injury occurs, inflammation occurs to help the body heal. Blood flow to the area is increased, allowing more of the bodies natural defenses to reach the traumatized area and speed the healing up. This is what causes bruising and injured body parts to swell up, it’s the natural process of letting more blood flow into the injured area to increase the amount of natural healing agents at the site of the injury.

    However, inflammation can also work against us. There are times when the body over reacts, making the situations worse, or reacts to things that aren’t even dangerous, such as with allergic reactions. There are many inflammatory diseases that can effect us, but we will discuss three of the more common ones, clotting in arteries, Rheumatoid Arthritis and allergic reactions.

    While we know that too much cholesterol can be bad for us, inflammation can also have deleterious affects on our bodies. Although our immune system may have the best of intentions, the inflammation it causes in reaction to an injury can actually cause clots to start or increase their size in our arteries and veins.

    Rheumatoid Arthritis is the body’s immune system gone awry. The immune system, for reasons that are unknown, thinks the tissues in our joints are foreign and begins to attack them causing an inflammatory reaction. Our normally helpful healing agents begin to attack and destroy the tissue in joint cartilage leading to pain, swelling and potential disability

    Our bodies immune system can also over react to non-dangerous stimuli, which can cause an allergic reaction. These inflammatory allergic reactions can range from getting the sniffles when near a dog to extreme cases such as a person’s throat closing shut after eating a peanut.

    Resveratrol acts as an anti-inflammatory, which means it works to combat the more extreme instances of inflammatory-related problems. It does this in our bodies in two ways.

    The first is that it decreases platelet aggregation Platelets are clotting factors that prevent bleeding when an artery or vein is injured. Resveratrol won’t stop you from clotting, but it does decrease the ability of the platelets to aggregate. This reduction of platelet aggregation could potentially lower the risk of strokes and heart attacks caused by clotting. However, due to this property people on blood thinner’s should seek a physician’s advice before taking Resveratrol.

    The second effect that Resveratrol has is that it decreases ecosanoids. In layman’s terms, ecosanoids are messengers that tell your immune system to swarm an injured area or foreign stimulus in the body. Decreasing the number of messengers the immune system puts out, decreases the inflammatory reaction. This is helpful for limiting the damage of an inflammatory reaction or disease because it means that fewer destructive agents are responding to attack healthy tissues.

    Unfortunately, Resveratrol does not alleviate all inflammatory related diseases and problems. However, studies have shown that Resveratrol may be able to slow the inflammatory reaction and help keep healthy tissues viable. Keep in mind, Resveratrol will not replace a physician prescribed medication. Do not try to use Resveratrol to replace a prescribed medication and only with the consultation of your physician should a regimen of Resveratrol and prescription medications be started.

    Thursday, September 24, 2009

    Free Radicals and Antioxidants

    Today we are going to have a little chat about free radicals and antioxidants.

    The idea that free radicals were a cause of aging and age-related defects was first postulated in the 1950's by Denham Harman, a noble prize nominee in medicine. He hypothesized that free radicals damaged cells which caused or increased aging and that anti-oxidants might reduce or stop these effects. However, before we discuss that, lets discuss Free radicals in slightly more detail.

    Scientifically speaking, free radicals are atoms with an unpaired electron in their outer shell. These unpaired electrons make free radicals highly unstable and can lead to cell damage. A free radical atom seeks out other atoms that it can bond with to become stable. The newly formed bond between the two atoms creates a molecule that can have a major impact on the function of the cell.

    That’s all pretty complicated, but what does that mean to us? Why should we care about what the electrons in our body are up too? The problem is that our bodies are incredibly intricate and complex things. On a molecular or cellular level, a single electron (too many or too few) can wreak havoc. This can lead to cell damage, cellular mutations and even changes to DNA molecules.

    Through Dr. Harman’s research and the research of countless others, we have learned that he was on to something. It is now generally accepted that many of the degenerative diseases caused by aging involve free radical processes and that, cumulatively, these make you age. While most of the medical community is waiting to see better research, many leading scientists believe that aging itself might be partially caused by free radicals, though this has yet to be proven.

    Whether or not free radicals "cause" aging, we at least know that they cause many of the degenerative effects of aging and have been linked to numerous diseases. Many forms of cancer are believed to be the result of free radicals effecting DNA, which results in mutations.

    Now I want you to know that not all free radicals are bad. In fact many of the basic processes of life, such as breathing and fighting infection, require the creation and use of free radicals. The danger arises in free radicals that are created by unnatural means including radiation (such as from overexposure to the sun), pesticides, over eating and many other regular aspects of American life.

    So now that we know that our bodies can be affected by these potentially dangerous free radicals, what can we do to protect ourselves? The answer is actually one that you may have heard of before: Antioxidants.

    Scientifically speaking an antioxidant is a molecule capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules, which is a chemical reaction that transfers electrons from one substance to another.

    In layman’s terms, Antioxidants can stop existing free radicals from stealing other molecule’s electrons. This means that they can stop or at least lessen the damage that free radicals cause within our bodies.

    Antioxidants occur all throughout nature in many of the fruits and vegetables we eat as well as various herbs and spices. They include common vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E as well as lesser known flavonoids, which are present in many grapes and berries, and the hormone Melatonin.

    Studies, many of which were based on Dr. Harman's original research, have suggested that anti-oxidants may help us with aging and age-related problems that are caused by free radical cellular damage.

    As you may have guessed by this point, Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant. In fact, grapes are often highly recommended for their antioxidant values. This again brings us to ReserveAge Organics. Unlike most other companies, ReserveAge Organics’ use of organic grapes improves the quality and strength of the antioxidants found within the grapes and the Resveratrol made from them.

    For those of you interested, ReserveAge Organics makes a great Ultimate Antioxidant product filled with those yummy antioxidants.

    Monday, September 21, 2009

    Ageing and Resveratrol

    For those of us who are concerned with aging, it is important to not only find out what makes us live longer, but what makes us live healthier. Who wants to live to be 150 if you spend the last 75 years in poor health? At ReserveAge Organics, Longevity is about remaining active, healthy and independent for your entire life, no matter how old you live to be.

    The simple fact is that as we age our bodies’ stop working as well.

    Some of this is simply due to having lived. We eat foods that aren’t always good for us, leading to increased cholesterol, fat and other substances. We are active and damage ourselves with bumps, falls and other things that place strain on our bodies. We live in a modern world full of pollutants and chemicals that were never meant to be processed by the human body. All of this takes its toll on our bodies, leading to wear and tear on our joints, muscles, organs, blood vessels and even our very cells.

    Some of it is simply nature though; our bodies weren’t made to last forever. Our skin starts to lose its firmness, our organs begin to work less efficiently and our immune systems start to have trouble responding to threats. In addition, normal bodily functions create something called free-radicals, which are damaging to our DNA, but we will discuss this in greater detail later.

    It’s the worst possible situation. Our lives lead to an accumulation of bodily wear and tear and to make matters worse our bodies start to have trouble repairing this damage!

    It’s important to understand that these accumulations of natural and unnatural damage lead to many of the negative effects we associate with growing older. Painful joints, sagging skin, wrinkles, memory problems, cardiovascular disease, lethargy, some cancers, obesity, diabetes and more are caused in part or aggravated by this damage.

    One of the most interesting effects of aging happens on a cellular level. Our cells actually contain the ability to heal themselves. As children, our cells are very good at this and heal easily. As we age though, the cells begin to falter. As damage builds up in a cell, it begins to work less efficiently and dies more easily. This means that heart muscle cells don’t work as hard, white blood cells become less effective against disease, our skin cells don’t stay as springy and so on. In a very real sense, this is directly responsible for many of the negative effects on our body that we associate with aging.

    Numerous medical studies, largely in animals or in human tissue cultures, have shown that trans-Resveratrol may be able to slow or even stop much of what we refer to as aging. It is a rich anti-oxidant which helps are body fights some cancers. It is a known anti-inflammatory which can help with cardiovascular diseases and even rheumatoid arthritis. Perhaps one of its most exciting benefits though, is that in many animals it actually increases their lifespan by as much as 20%.

    Resveratrol could potentially allow us to live longer, while staying healthier.

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    New Resveratrol studies

    ReserveAge Organics spends a lot of time leafing through new scientific data on Resveratrol and I wanted to keep everyone informed of the latest Resveratrol studies out there.

    Resveratrol Fights Ovarian Cancer Cells in Culture

    The first exciting study adds more proof to the idea that Resveratrol may actually fight and destroy cancer cells. The studies were done in-vitro and human studies need to be done to determine if it will work in our bodies the same way it works in the petri dish. However, the idea that we may have finally discovered a way to fight cancer without the use of chemo, which has devastating effects on the body, is just so exciting. This is especially exciting for potential application in fighting pediatric cancer because chemotherapy can have long term effects on the growing child. For more info check the study out here.

    Resveatrol May Fight Weight Gain and Obesity.
    We have seen a number of studies in animals showing lower levels of obesity in the animals using Resveratrol. This study suggests that Resveratrol may be regulating chemicals that cause us to gain weight. Check it out here.

    Monday, September 14, 2009

    Contest update and new longevity news

    Contest -
    Well first off let me say that this week’s free Resveratrol giveaway will be ReserveAge Organics Collagen Booster, our premiere beauty product. It combines our organic grape Resveratrol with powerful Biocell Collagen type 2. This unique blend strengthens, moisturizes and replenishes skin.
    All you have to do to have a chance at winning is be on our Myspace or Facebook friends list. For info on how to join click here.

    Longevity News –
    Health research has a tendency to demonize certain food groups and I think we can all agree that red meat gets a pretty bad rap. It tends to be fattier, eaten in too-large quantities and worse for the heart. However, recent research suggests that red meat, and this is the important part, when eaten in moderation may actually be better for you than not eating red meat at all.
    Check out the story here and then go have a burger.
    For the vegetarians/vegans out there, don’t worry too much. Even if eating red meat as part of a healthy diet might be slightly better, not eating red meat as part of a healthy diet is still much better for you than the typical American diet.

    Everyone have a great week and don’t forget to take your Resveratrol.

    Friday, September 11, 2009

    Friday Contes update

    Happy Friday everyone!
    First I’d like to congratulate our first winner! Gwen from Indiana, one of our Myspace friends, was chosen to receive a bottle of ReserveAge Organics Ultimate Antioxidant. Congratulations Gwen, I hope you enjoy it.
    Secondly, we have selected this week’s winner and are simply waiting for their response.
    Don’t worry though, there are still two more Fridays with chances to win! Next week we will be giving out a bottle of ReserveAge Organics Collagen Booster, our premiere skin and beauty product.
    All you have to do for a chance to win is friend us on Myspace or follow us on Facebook. Entry is only available to those 18 or older and living in the US or Canada.

    Have a great Friday from ReserveAge Organics!

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009

    Happy Wednesday

    Just a quick update.

    Good news for you guys, our first ReserveAge Organics September friend giveaway winner never claimed her prize! Bad for her but good for you because it means we will draw two winners this Friday!

    Up for grabs this Friday is the Ultimate Antioxidant and our Resveratrol 100 MG! The winners will be drawn on Friday at noon! All you have to do for a chance to win is be on the ReserveAge Organics Myspace friends list or the ReserveAge Organics Facebook fan page!

    The affiliate program is also up and running. If you have a website or blog and would like the ReserveAge Organics product line you can sign up, advertise our products and make commissions when people buy our products after seeing them on your page! Sign up today!

    Have a great Wednesday everyone.

    Thursday, September 3, 2009

    Affiliate program

    Hey everyone, ReserveAge Organics Affiliate program just went live!

    Visit for more details on how to sign up.

    There are absolutely no fees on your part. All you have to do is advertise the ReserveAge products in any way you'd like that fits our terms of service. Any time a customer buys our products because of your ads, you receive a commission!. Easy, simple and profitable.

    Don't worry about which plan you choose, right now they are all the same and we will be switching you.

    Wednesday, September 2, 2009

    Enviromental business question

    Today’s topic is a question.
    If an eco-friendly company can afford the lower margins, should it sell its environmentally friendly products at the same price as its non-eco competitors?
    Consider this from two directions.
    The first an economic one: Are there enough environmentally minded consumers in your market, who will now switch to your product because it is environmentally friendly and normally priced, to make up for the lower margin?
    The second an ethical one: By selling your products at a lower price, more customers will turn to your environmentally friendly renewable products. This may help preserve our world that much longer, it could potentially even help to change someone’s perspective.

    What are your thoughts?
    ReserveAge Organics sells its products at normal Resveratrol market prices, despite sourcing only certified organic grapes and incurring higher production costs. We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay more to stay healthy or help to preserve the earth.

    Contest Update

    The contest officially launched yesterday! Click here for info on it!

    In other news we have listed at A few places to increase exposure, check out some of our friends at:

    Sweepstakes Advantage - Sweeps to Win!

    Tuesday, September 1, 2009

    September Contest!

    The ReserveAge Organics September Giveaway!

    Would you like a chance to try an entire bottle of The ReserveAge Organics Resveratrol supplements for free? Well, it couldn’t be easier in September!

    This month, The ReserveAge Organics will be picking one lucky MySpace or Facebook Fan each and every Friday to win a free bottle of the World’s Finest Resveratrol!

    How do you enter? Easy! Simply go to the MySpace page or the Facebook Fan group and sign up. All winners will be randomly selected from these groups! In fact, if you sign up to both, you double your chances to win!

    Prizes include Resveratrol 100 MG, The Ultimate Antioxidant, the best-selling skin Collagen Booster and of course, the World’s Finest Resveratrol 250 MG.

    And keep your eyes open because this is only the first of many ReserveAge Organics online contests!

    Entry is only valid to those living within the United States and Canada. Winners must be willing to provide confidential information to ReserveAge Organics including a physical address, full name and telephone number. Contestants must be 18-years-old or older to qualify. Winners will have until 5pm Eastern Standard on the Wednesday following the drawing to respond - if no response is given ReserveAge will draw a new winner! Reasonable shipping expenses will be paid by ReserveAge Organics for those living within the United States.

    ReserveAge Organics is a new health and beauty brand that offers an exclusive line of organic Resveratrol supplements. Its products are grape Resveratrol products available today.

    All ReserveAge Organics products are derived from organic grapes grown in the Rustic Heart of Southern France at a seventh generation organic French vineyard. When the grapes are ready, they are quickly picked and sent to our processing center, which lies only minutes from the vineyards. The Resveratrol is then processed using the patent-pending technology. All of these carefully performed stages result in products that are unsurpassed in bioavailability, purity, potency and freshness.

    Monday, August 31, 2009

    Have a healthy monday

    Happy Monday everyone,

    I just wanted to share a few health stories that caught my eye today, as I am busy finalizing the affiliate program and working on a few other projects.

    I think we sometimes forget that heart disease is the number one killer of women in America and tend to focus on heart health for men. A new study has come out that also reveals women are more likely to die than men in the first 30 days after a heart attack. Check out for more details.

    As usual we are keeping our ear to the ground for the latest anti-aging breakthroughs and news. Here is an interesting study showing that even a low level of physical fitness throughout life can improve lifespan.,2933,541964,00.html?sPage=fnc/health/longevity

    That is it for today, but don’t forget to take your Resveratrol.

    Friday, August 28, 2009

    What exactly is Resveratrol?

    One question we get a lot is “Exactly what is Resveratrol?”

    Resveratrol is found in the skin, seeds, and stems of grapes as well as plants like Polygonum Cuspidatum (Japanese knot-weed). Scientific research has found that Resveratrol has a vast assortment of properties that are beneficial to human health. It is a full spectrum anti-oxidant, is known to boost cellular energy and helps balance the immune system.

    The secret to anti-aging and longevity lies with Trans-Resveratrol, the active form of Resveratrol. Trans-Resveratrol remains active only when sheltered from sun light. In this pure, ultra beneficial form, Trans-Resveratrol has been proven in studies to activate the SIRT1 “Longevity Gene,” enhance cellular productivity and decreases cellular autophagy. Several research studies have shown that Trans-Resveratrol exhibits antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties, chemopreventive agents, anticarcinogenic properties, cardioprotective effects, neuroprotective properties, and caloric restrictive behavior.

    The key to cellular energy lies within the mitochondria. Studies have shown that Trans-Resveratrol has ability to increase the number of mitochondria as well as the ability of the mitochondria to produce energy products for the cell. In promoting the increase in mitochondrial function and number, Tran-Resveratrol increases the energy expenditure and improves the aerobic capacity of the individual.

    It is important to understand that Trans-Resveratrol is the only antioxidant clinically proven to trigger the SIRT1 “Longevity Gene.” This gene fights age related illnesses, such as: heart disease, Alzheimer’s and more. When purchasing a Resveratrol supplement, I recommend checking the amount of Trans-Resveratrol in the supplement.

    Many products on the market hide their ingredients so that consumers won’t realize that the product has little to no Trans-Resveratrol. ReserveAge Organics’ products always proudly display their ingredients to let consumers know that it contains the highest quality Trans-Resveratrol.

    Wednesday, August 26, 2009

    Oprah Fights Back

    For many months now, a number of companies and Web sites selling Resveratrol have been illegally using images of Dr. Oz and Oprah, sometimes even with fake endorsements. Allegedly, these companies dupe people into ordering free trials only to begin charging them incredible monthly amounts of over $80 for a monthly supply of Resveratrol, which some reports say do not contain trans-Resveratrol at all. To make matters worse, the companies refuse to cancel these reoccurring charges, leaving some people forced to report the credit cards as stolen.

    This month, Oprah and Dr. Oz have officially filed suit against many of these companies seeking various damages and penalties. You can read more about it here

    As a Resveratrol company, we are ReserveAge Organics are pleased to see these companies exposed and terminated. On a nearly daily basis, we speak with people who have been scammed by such companies and hear their unfortunate stories. In addition, we see the damage that companies like this do to the reputation of the legitimate Resveratrol industry. The faster these companies are removed, the better for everyone.

    A few common Resveratrol scams to watch out for:
    Fake endorsements are common: Oprah and Dr. Oz do not endorse any brand of Resveratrol. If you have signed up for a free trial of Resveratrol based on an alleged endorsement by Dr. Oz or Oprah, you have fallen victim to these scam artists.

    No trans-Resveratrol: Many companies sell Resveratrol without any trans-Resveratrol included. Please check the ingredients to ensure that the product has as least 100 mg of trans-Resveratrol per dosage. In addition, if you are paying more than $30 for a 100 mg trans-Resveratrol dose, then you are paying too much.

    Monday, August 24, 2009

    New Alzheimer's Research

    While we have known for some time that polyphenols, like Resveratrol, may be able to protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease, exciting new research is suggesting that taking long-term small dosages may be better than single, large dosages. This new research comes out of Purdue University and Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

    In most testing, animals are given a single, large dose of the polyphenols, and their levels are then measured to see how much of the chemical is reaching the brain. This new testing, however, used smaller dosages and continued to feed the animals the polyphenols over the course of the entire experiment. Incredibly, the amount of polyphenols reaching the brain increased each day. In fact, by day ten, twice as much of the polyphenols were being absorbed as compared to the first day.

    This lends credence to the belief that the best way to protect yourself from Alzheimer’s is through regular supplementation with polyphenols like Resveratrol.

    The full article will be published in the September issue of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Check out the story here:

    Have a great day everyone and don’t forget to take your Resveratrol.

    Friday, August 21, 2009

    Reserveage Organics is proud to announce that its new 500 MG Resveratrol supplement is already selling out in stores.

    Friday, July 31, 2009

    Resveratrol 101: Health Secrets of Wine and Grapes Discovered

    Researchers have uncovered the secret of why red wine, grapes and some other fruits are beneficial for health. Scientists from Scotland and Singapore have discovered that resveratrol in red wine (and red grapes) has potent anti-inflammatory properties that could be tapped for treating life threatening inflammation – the kind associated with massive systemic infection (sepsis), appendicitis, and peritonitis (abdominal inflammation).

    Sepsis and peritonitis can be deadly. Antibiotic resistance increases the risk of dying from a virulent bacteria or virus. Inflammation releases cytokines that harm tissues in the body, sometimes irreversibly. The new study shows that resveratrol compounds might be used to develop drugs that prevent inflammation and risk of death from life threatening illnesses.

    Alirio Melendez, senior lecturer on the faculty of medicine at Glasgow Biomedical Research Centre in Scotland participated in the research. Melendez explains, "Strong acute inflammatory diseases such as sepsis are very difficult to treat and many die every day due to lack of treatment. Moreover, many survivors of sepsis develop a very low quality of life due to the damage that inflammation causes to several internal organs. The ultimate goal of our study was to identify a potential novel therapy to help in the treatment of strong acute inflammatory diseases."

    The secret to the health benefits of resveratrol comes from the compound’s ability to prevent the formation of two different molecules that trigger inflammation - sphingosine kinase and phospholipase D, discovered in mouse studies.

    The scientists compared inflammatory response in two groups of mice – one group was pretreated with resveratrol. The mice not given resveratrol displayed strong inflammatory response compared to the mice give the natural compound.

    Resveratrol is found in nature, and is now shown to have potential for treating inflammation associated with serious illness. Plants produce resveratrol as a defense against bacteria. Red wines produce resveratrol during fermentation. Red grape juice, some white wines, blueberries, mulberry fruit, and peanuts also contain resveratrol in varying quantities. Red grapes contain the highest levels of resveratrol. Some manufacturers of supplements get the compound from Japanese knotweed.

    The study showing the potential of resveratrol for treating life threatening illness is published in the FASEB journal. According to Editor-in-Chief, Gerald Weissmann, MD, "The therapeutic potential of red wine has been bottled up for thousands of years and now that scientists have uncorked its secrets, they find that studies of how resveratrol works can lead to new treatments for life-threatening inflammation."


    Friday, July 24, 2009

    Drink wine, fight cavities?

    Call it fluoride for grown-ups: New research suggests a crisp chardonnay may fight cavities.

    Italian researchers who tested supermarket-bought red and white wines report both were effective in controlling the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and sore throats.

    Sadly, though, the ingredients work best when you remove them from wine.

    The researcher says the components in wine that fight oral bacteria might one day be added to mouthwashes and toothpastes. Experiments are already being carried out in humans to test wine's effects on cavities and upper respiratory tract infections, according to Gabriella Gazzani of the faculty of pharmacy at the University of Pavia in Italy.

    Her research team has been looking at components of food that might possess any kind of biological activity.

    It was already known wine contains a number of biologically active compounds that, once they reach the stomach and digestive tract, have health benefits. One or two glasses a day of red wine has been shown to cut the risk of coronary heart disease and cancer.

    Scientists who once tested 16 Chilean reds showed antimicrobial activity against six strains of helicobacter pylori, the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. Others have shown red and white wines are as effective as bismuth salicylate (Pepto-Bismol) against "traveller's diarrhea."

    As well, according to a background release, wine has been used "since antiquity" in wound healing. In the Bible, Luke tells how the Good Samaritan "went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine."

    But this is the first study to show wine may have health benefits from the moment it wets lips and gum.

    Gazzani's team, whose work will be published in the next issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, tested the bacteria-fighting activity of commercial red and white wines against eight strains of oral streptococci. The bacteria can colonize tooth surfaces, triggering plaque formation. They can also cause pharyngitis - infection of the pharynx or tonsils.


    Two wines - an Italian red, Valpolicella Classico DOC Superiore, and an Italian white, Pinot Nero DOC, both 2003 vintages- were purchased from a local supermarket.

    The wines were de-alcoholized before testing to rule out any effect of ethanol.

    In lab experiments, both wines were active against streptococci. The red had a stronger effect than the white, though the difference was not statistically significant, meaning it may have been due to chance.

    Gazzani says the organic acids in wine, such as acetic, citric, lactic, succinic and tartaric acids "are responsible for the antibacterial activity against oral streptococci." The acids are found naturally in grapes or are produced during fermentation.

    The finding suggests wine "enhances oral health," the researchers conclude.

    The team got better results with chemicals removed from the wine than from the wine itself, suggesting there are other ingredients in wine that counteract the antibacterial work.

    Gazzani says the main cavity-causing sugar is sucrose. "Wines are not so rich in sugar, and in particular they are poor in sucrose," she says.

    Still, wine bottles won't be carrying the Canadian Dental Association seal of approval anytime soon. President Dr. Darryl Smith cautioned that the research is "very early on" and has not been proven in humans.

    "There may be things in our diet that if we eat will contribute to our overall health and it would nice to think - really nice to think - that some of the things that we may really enjoy are helpful in moderation," said Smith, who practises in Valleyview, Alta.

    "But the bottom line is, brushing and flossing and eating well are the really important things right now" in preventing tooth decay, he says.

    Article written by Sharon Kirkey for Canwest News Service.


    Thursday, July 23, 2009

    Resveratrol...what's all the hoopla about?

    Do you search for a fountain of youth? Seemingly ever elusive, the so-called fountain may be closer than you think. Green tea, blueberries, pomegranate, acai berry and mangosteen are just a few antioxidant powerhouses.

    But a recent discovery and stabilization of a fascinating molecule has people in the science and research world doing a double take.

    It's called resveratrol. Information was first introduced in the earlier part of the decade when a group of Harvard researchers led by Dr. David Sinclair accidentally stumbled upon the molecule.

    They were shocked at what the tests on mice revealed. The resveratrol actually mimicked the life- extending benefits of calorie restriction. You know, the thing where you limit your caloric intake to around 1,000 calories a day and stop eating entirely after early afternoon each day because it actually extends life? (Um, yay??) I'm not sure I'd want my life extended if that's what it entails!

    The scientists also compared mice fed a high-fat diet with no resveratrol to mice fed the same high-fat diet with resveratrol. The researchers reported that while running, the mice fed the resveratrol looked like mini-olympians compared to the others.

    And it causes cells to behave well. Excellent, actually. It has potential cancer-fighting and preventing qualities, as well as the potential ability to fight and prevent heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and the list goes on.

    So what foods contain it? There are trace amounts found in blueberries, bilberries, mulberries and peanuts, with higher amounts found in red and muscadine grape skins. That could possibly lend an explanation to the mysterious French paradox...Why do French people have such low instances of heart disease when their diet is so high in fat? Red wine is a staple of their diet.

    But some research suggests that this couldn't possibly be an explanation for the paradox, because to receive the necessary life-extending benefits of resveratrol, one would have to consume around 1,000 glasses of red wine a day.

    Sinclair and his team found a way to stabilize the molecule and now it's offered as a supplement. The marketing world is already jumping all over this, but of course, not all resveratrol is the same.

    There are capsules, individual drinks and the liquid version where you measure a teaspoon for the daily dose. The latter is the one I've been taking for awhile now. One teaspoon contains the same amount of resveratrol as 1,000 glasses of red wine.

    When I opened it for the first time, I was shocked because it looked like extremely thick blood with a deeper cranberry hue! It tastes like a sweet, almost condensed merlot.

    Studies show that higher levels of the molecule are detected in human plasma hours later through buccal delivery of the liquid, whereas only trace amounts are detected with most capsule forms.

    It's also available in a few select skincare lines. And back in the '90's a discovery was made showing resveratrol applied topically could actually inhibit skin cancer.

    The negative side effects? So far none have been found except upset stomach and occasional joint pain associated with large doses.

    Sinclair has partnered with a major pharmaceutical company and they have invested millions in the promise of resveratrol. They are currently working on a stronger dose of the product which should be available in five years. It is currently being tested on cancer patients in a trial setting.

    I'm not a physician, nutritionist or salesperson for the product, but I guess I can say I do have more energy since I started taking it. Maybe it's working, maybe it's not, but it does give me a little more peace of mind!

    This article was written by Amanda Dalla Riva for The News Journal