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    Monday, April 19, 2010

    How does Resveratrol effect weight loss?

    One of the biggest questions I get from ReserveAge Organics customers is “Will Resveratrol help me lose weight?” Well, yes, sort of, but it’s complicated.

    One of the things we come across is people who are desperate to lose weight without wanting to change their lifestyle. Most have tried popular diets without luck. These usually don’t work, because the problem is that losing weight isn’t easy. However, I do give them a tip on how to make it easier. I recommend that the best diet is a combination of better eating, exercise and using Resveratrol.

    Proper diet and exercise are essential. Our diet literally creates the body we live in. If your diet is full of fats, artificial chemicals and other unhealthy products, then that is what your body will be made of. However, if your diet is full of nutrients and healthy ingredients, then your body will be much better off.

    We know that Resveratrol increases energy levels and endurance, Dr. Sinclair’s mice tests showed mice on Resveratrol could run twice as far. In addition, the cell improving powers of the SIRT1 “Longevity Gene” increases the efficiency of our cells throughout the body. It should translate into a small increase in metabolism.

    Most of us don’t like working out, especially if we are out of shape. It’s also pretty common to see out-of-shape individuals not putting as much effort as they need too into the work out. Resveratrol helps with this by improving your energy and endurance. Imagine that instead of just working out for 30 minutes and burning 200 calories, you were able to work out slightly harder for even just 35 minutes and burn 300 calories instead. That might not seem like much, but then take that across a whole week or month of working out. Resveratrol may give you the energy to have large results.

    The small increase to metabolism won’t give you any incredible results, but it will help burn a few extra calories. Every little bit helps.