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    Monday, November 30, 2009

    Cyber Monday at Reserveage!

    ReserveAge Organics isn't being left out of the Cyber Monday shopping extravaganza!

    For a limited time, all ReserveAge Products are 25% off! This Cyber Monday deal is only available until November 30th at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard so act fast!

    Either purchase the products online at using the coupon code:
    cyber monday

    or email Michael at any emails received before the cut off deadline will be honored even if they are processed after the cut off date, include contact information.

    Hurry up while this great deal lasts!

    Monday, November 23, 2009

    Monday Links

    As always we at ReserveAge Organics try to keep on top of the latest health tips that can improve life span and life quality.

    As some of you may know, a number of anti-age researchers have been focused on so called "Blue Zones" which are area's around the globe where people seem to live much longer than those around them.

    Here are a few tips from those living in these zones.

    Next studies on twins finds common indicators for those who live longer. Read it here.

    A few warnings now. Beware popcorn, alcohol and juice.

    As many of you may have read, the unhealthyness of movie popcorn is really quite astounding.

    Think all juices are good for you? Think again. Read the ingredients carefully. This is a Video link.

    A few tips on drinking alcohol in a healthy manner, without gaining as much weight.

    Have a great week everyone

    Thursday, November 19, 2009

    Customer reviews

    At ReserveAge Organics we love hearing what our customers have to say. If you've had a good experience using one of our products then we'd love to hear about it! Feel free to leave a comment or email your message to me at

    These are a few of my favorite comments

    Wow! I love ReserveAge Resveratrol supplements. It only took a few days before I started to feel the difference. I had more energy and my friends showered me with compliments about my new youthful glow. And you’re organic too! I am very health conscious and try to live as organically as possible. Thanks to your Super Blend Resveratrol, there’s an easy way for me to stay young, healthy, and natural. I’m going to try your Collagen Booster next!

    Beatrice A., Idaho

    At last, a Collagen Booster that really works. I am in my late fifties, and my skin is really showing it. I was considering going ‘under the knife’ when I saw your supplements. What a miracle! After just two weeks, my skin is tighter, more radiant and, once again, youthfully full!

    Lara C., Florida

    Your Antioxidant Blend is everything it promises and more. The CEO of my own corporation, I can’t afford to get run down or sick. I take your Antioxidant Blend everyday to keep my energy up and my immune system in optimal health. Your formula has everything, from green tea antioxidants to resveratrol. And you make the only organic antioxidant supplement I’ve found—keep up the good work and I’ll be a loyal customer for life.

    James S., Massachusetts

    I love all your organic supplements. Your Resveratrol and the Collagen Booster help me look like I feel inside—young and vibrant in spite of my 40 years. I’ve been telling everyone, now there’s a way to be your healthiest and most beautiful—naturally!

    Shari G., New York City

    Finally, a collagen product good for men too. I am a competitive ballroom dancer, and my skin takes a beating with all the heavy makeup, lights and late nights. I want to look my best both on and off the dance floor. My partner mentioned your product, and I was immediately hooked. Now I’m confident that my skin is as smooth as my moves!

    David L., Georgia

    I was in Boston in the beginning of July 2009 and by curiosity bought a bottle of 250 mg Resveratrol. As a diabetic (type 2) I’ve experienced amazing results. My measures have been problematic for years with very high values. After taking your product the measures have become stable on a low level. And I also have been able to reduce my insulin.

    Lars, Norway

    Thank you so much. I wish everyone had customer service like yours; the world would be a happier place. I sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness in this matter. You got yourself a customer for life.

    Izabela, Texas

    Tuesday, November 17, 2009

    Scientific Advisory Board

    Today I wanted to introduce you to our Scientific advisory board. These are the men and women that we go to for advice and research on new products and who we turn to when our customers ask us questions that we can't answer.

    Dr. James C. Perin, M.D.

    Dr. James C. Perin obtained his doctorate from the School of Medicine at Indiana University. After being approached by ReserveAge Organics™ to conduct in-depth product research, Dr. Perin assisted in the formulation of the Resveratrol-based product line and helped establish the protocol for research, development and manufacturing at ReserveAge. Through his research, Dr. Perin has published findings both nationally and internationally, resulting in two global medical patents with several others pending. Dr. Perin also serves as CEO for BlueWave Industries, Inc., a biotechnical company based in Florida. His medical interests include soft-tissue chondroma, the importance of temperature control, its effects on foods and supplements and the consequential effects on the human body.

    Dr. Clare Wilmot, M.B., Ch.B., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S

    A board-certified surgeon both nationally and internationally, Dr. Clare Wilmot serves as a medical advisor for ReserveAge Organics™ and has served the public for more than three decades. In addition to a full medical and surgical practice, Dr. Wilmot has held, and continues to hold, a number of prestigious positions, currently serving as Chair of Infection Control at the Littleton Regional Hospital in New Hampshire. A life-long proponent of organic foods and alternative lifestyles as a pathway towards optimum health, Dr. Wilmot searches for healthy alternatives to surgery whenever possible. As the result of her research, Dr. Wilmot concluded that Resveratrol’s full potency and potential could only be found in organically grown grapes.

    Sebastian Balcombe, B.S.E

    Sebastian Balcombe currently serves as a Product Formulator Consultant for ReserveAge Organics™. A graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in exercise physiology, Sebastian has collaborated with leading experts in the development of cutting-edge nutritional supplements for the past decade. Sebastian came from a long line of accomplished scientists, and, as a young man, spent much of his free time researching the newest scientific nutritional discoveries. He is a firm believer that a healthy lifestyle and proper daily nutritional supplements are essential to achieving optimal health.

    Friday, November 13, 2009

    Friday Health Links

    Happy Friday from us at ReserveAge Organics.

    There have been some really interesting news stories during the past few weeks that I wanted to share with you.

    In recognition of Alzheimer's month lets start with some of the smaller discoveries that will help the Average person.

    Here is a great list of basic life changes that can delay the onset and intensity of Alzheimer's Disease.

    In addition, a lot of information coming out on exercise and muscle mass may be indicators of slowing Alzheimer's. Again this points to how important a healthy lifestyle is.

    Telomere research is some of the most exciting longevity research out there right now. As our DNA divides to form new cells, the ends of it fray, much like a shoe lace does without that hard plastic tip. However, something called Telomere's can form caps, much like the plastic part of a shoe lace, letting the DNA last forever.

    This has two interesting aspects. The first is that many types of cancer cells grow because of this, they use telomeres to allow themselves to keep growing and dividing. On the other hand,if our dna never degrades, it could lead to new roads in the anti-aging fields.

    Antioxidants can help fight off the flu and other ailments.

    Pomegranates might help men fight prostate cancer according to recent research. And you know I can't help but point out that our Ultimate Antioxidant and Vibrance Liquid Multivitamin contain pomegranate.

    In other prostate cancer fighting news, studies have shown that lowering cholesterol can help as well.

    Curcumin, found in some spices, is already being used for numerous health reasons. Recent research has suggested it may help fight cancer.

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    It's been pretty busy

    Wow, some of you may have noticed that ReserveAge went a little quiet (aka I stopped posting) for a few days.

    It's been a great, but hectic few weeks here. Sales are jumpings, our new Vibrance Liquid Multivitamin product is selling great and seems to be a huge hit.

    We have also set up Online Messenger accounts to help handle some of our incoming question volume.

    If you have any questions about Resveratrol, you can now message us at ReserveAge on Aim, Yahoo IM, MSN, Windows live, etc. Just send a message during normal business hours and one of our representatives will be happy to help you.

    Everyone have a great week!

    Monday, November 2, 2009

    Active Ubiquinol CoQ10

    ReserveAge Organics has recently launched a new product Active Ubiquinol CoQ10 with Resveratrol.

    Ubiquinol, the active form of CoQ10, is a vital component in the creation of cellular energy. It plays a direct role in creating an estimated 95% of the body’s energy in the form of ATP. Organs that have high energy requirements, like the heart and liver, require the largest amounts of Ubiquinol to operate properly.

    CoQ10 is created by our bodies and then converted into Ubiquinol;, however, this production and conversion begins to wane after the age of 40. As the level of Coq10 in our body diminishes, our cells, and the organs and systems they make up, are forced to function with less energy than they require. This leads to increased wear and tear on the cells, organs and systems, which can increase s and even cause s some of the problems associated with aging.

    A growing body of studies has suggested that Ubiquinol may improve cardiovascular health, intensity of migraines, some cancers, blood pressure and low energy levels.

    Active Ubiquinol CoQ10 with Resveratrol contains Kaneka QH Ubiquinol. Kaneka QH is pre-converted Ubiquinol, since those over 40 can have difficulty converting the CoQ10, and micronized for the best possible absorption.